Rabat, Morocco
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UK Metropolitan College is a Moroccan based international education marketplace and educational service provider.  Based in Rabat, the heart of Morocco, we work closely with learners and international education providers.  Our aim is to provide aspiring Moroccan students wishing to study abroad or at home at an overseas college/university, whether via the online open university route or face to face at their particular overseas educational institution, with the best learning experience for their chosen academic or professional programmes.

We have sourced some of the leading educational institutions around the globe from Europe, Africa, Canada, and America through China, India, and Brazil to Australia and UK, in all subject areas including Medicine, Civil Engineering, Law, Accounting, Business Management, Hospitality etc., to help Moroccan students realise their career potentials via blended learning as well as face to face delivery.

We are also Morocco’s largest overseas agents for online open university courses. With a huge range of courses from the some of UK’s and America’s leading online providers, you will be sure to find a course that’s perfect for you. There are a huge range of courses to choose from across all categories including BBA, MBA. Hospitality, Nutrition, Education and Child Care, Photography, Beauty, Interior Design and many more.

We have state-of-the-art facility to offer programme delivery at very high standard, which means we can offer the delivery and learning needs of your online open university programmes at the heart of Rabat, making it not only cost-effective and accessible to all, but, more importantly, ensuring you get the highest grades for your investment and time.